Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report – April 14, 2016

The weather this April at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier has really been hard to predict, like most of the US. The water temperature is holding in the mid-50s and the wind has been making it hard to fish.

Clearnose Skates have been plentiful, if that’s your cup of tea, and some Blowfish, Bluefish and small Striped Bass have been caught, though not in big numbers yet.

This time of year also has anglers looking for Blue Crabs, but we need warmer water before they show up. Some experts are predicting a banner year for crabs.

Hours remain the same- 8AM to 8PM weather permitting.


Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Season 2016

It’s time to start the new season at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.  We will be opening on March 25, 2016. The Spring operating hours are 8AM-8PM, weather permitting. Call (757) 428-2333 for more information.

Some years Easter weekend can be very cooperative as far as the weather is concerned, but we don’t know what the fish are thinking until we have some anglers testing the waters.

So, get your gear sorted and come join us on the VA Beach Pier. If you don’t have your own fishing tackle, the Pier Tackle Shop has rental rods and bait available.

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Update

The season at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is coming to a close. There have been a lot of Speckled Trout being caught most days this month. While some bottom fish are still being caught, the plan is to close for the season on Sunday Oct. 18.

Along with the Specs, some Spot, Roundhead, Bluefish and Croaker have been caught as they leave the bay for winter locations. There have even been some nice Blue Crabs pulled up.

Have a good Winter!

October Fishing At The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

As many local anglers that fish on the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier in October, we wait for cold fronts to lower the water temperature in the area. This usually causes the fish to school up and begin to leave the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, the weather created so much wind and rain in late September and early October that the ocean waters were to rough to fish.

There were some nice Red Drum released before the big blow, some as large as 52 inches. Round Head, Spot, Croaker and Speckled trout were also available to fishermen bouncing baits along the bottom.

The first week of October at the VA Beach Pier has seen an increase in Spot, but the big runs we have come to expect in the Fall haven’t materialized yet. Some decent Spot and Round Head have been caught by anglers this week, plus some small trout, Pompano and Bluefish.

The hours of operation are currently 8AM-8PM, weather permitting. Please call (757)428-2333

September Fishing At The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

pier-fishing-300x225Though the weather has been hotter than usual for September at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, we are finally seeing some Spot, Croaker, Roundhead and Black Drum feeding on bottom baits, like Bloodworms, Squid, Shrimp and Finger Mullet. Labor Day weekend fishing picked up as a cold front moved along the coast.

We are still catching some Spanish Mackeral and Bluefish, mainly on artificial lures. Gotcha plugs probably catch more of the fish that feed on the schools of Minnows and Finger Mullet and Menhaden that are moving along the beach as the water starts to cool.

As of the first week in September, we are still catching Blue Crabs most days.

Some knowledgeable anglers are predicting a good Fall run of Red Drum in various sizes as the cold fronts move through the area. Keeper Speckled Trout might not be as plentiful this season after the extremely cold water last Winter killed off a large portion of big trout. Some small Speckles have been showing up, so I  hope fishermen abide by th size and creel limits set by the state.

Be sure to give the VA Beach Pier a call at (757) 428-2333 to check on our Fall hours. As we get toward the end of the season, we start to cut back on the hours of operation.

August Fishing At The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

pier-fishing-300x225  I don’t know about you, but to me,  Summer is flying by at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. It’s August already, so fall can’t be far behind.

I know every species of fish we catch when fishing along the Virginia coast and in the Chesapeake Bay go through cycles. When one type isn’t biting much, another type seems to flourish. This season, up until now, has seen more Roundhead than Spot and small Sharks have been thicker than I’ve seen caught in many years. The Puppy Drum have been larger and if the numbers of large Red Drum that we hooked last Fall keep rising as the water cools in September, we can have a banner year for release citations from the pier.

Spanish Mackeral have shown up and the sizes have been nice. Casting for them can be frustrating when they are scarce, but they are fighters and make delicious meals. I haven’t heard about many Spadefish this Summer, but August can be a good time to get some clams and fish around the pilings for them.

This morning some of our regular fishermen pulled up some nice Spot and those who fish for Summer Flounder tell me they have had some keepers around 20 inches.

Cooler hours tend to be the best time to fish, but Crabbing has been good since the beginning of July. Blue Crabs are fun for the kids to catch and are tasty treats anytime. Their feisty temperament makes them a force to be reckoned with, so watch your fingers and toes.

Here are some Spring Blues and Puppy Drum photos caught on the VA Beach Fishing Pier this season:

001 002    006  008 Puppy Drum

VA Beach Fishing Pier Report – July 1

VA Beach Fishing Pier Report

thumbs_fresh-spot_0The Summertime weather has been good for fishing inshore. Daily catches have included spot, which are showing up in good numbers, and some roundhead or whiting that are topping 1 pound in many cases. Bloodworms and Squid are used by most of the experienced anglers fishing on the pier, but trying some of the newer baits available, like Fishbites can be a productive choice as well when bottom fishing.

When the water is clear there have been some bluefish and Spanish mackerel caught on Gotcha plugs and silver spoons, but a consistently warmer water temperature would definitely help this type of lure fishing.

Look for more flounder and spadefish to be brought up and trout are always a possibility for those fishermen who place their baits near the pier pilings. You can lose some rigs, but the reward can be some delicious table fare.

Crabbing is another option that many families enjoy, so check out the crab nets and bait(chicken necks) in the Pier Tackle shop located on the Virginia Beach fishing pier.

Mid July At Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

First, I haven’t been able to get to the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier for a couple of months. That being said, the Summer fare in mid July usually falls into a pattern that holds true season after season. As the weather gets hot, and the 90s this year have been a little early, we see bottom fish take center stage.

June provided some Spot, Roundhead, Bluefish and Puppy Drum for anglers. Since early Spring is cooler during the day, catching the flood tide can be the best time to target fish. Day or night is less important. The Red Drum have been larger than in past years, bigger than the 18-26 in slot for keeping Puppy Drum.

July has seen a good catch of nice Roundhead and some Spanish Mackeral are showing at the end of the pier. Spot fishing hasn’t taken off yet, but some years, depending on how well the spawn went the previous year, we see a late surge by the end of the Summer. Spot lovers keep your fingers crossed!

Flounder, Speckled and Grey Trout, Spadefish and Pompano are also available this time of year, in varying numbers to fishermen who know how to present baits, like clams, that aren’t in many anglers arsenal.

Another option that can be a lot of fun and provide good eating is crabbing. Blue Crabs vary from year to year, but this season is looking good. We catch a lot of crabs from the VA Beach Fishing Pier by putting bait, chicken backs are  popular choice, into a crab net which is then lowered to the bottom next to the pilings. The crabs crawl in to get the bait and are trapped when the net is pulled up. Kids love to see the crabs and if you aren’t going to eat them, the crabs can be returned to the water or given to a fisherman who is saving crabs.

Chopper Bluefish Nice Striped Bass VA Beach Fishing Pier

052 054 056

Bluefish Puppy Drum

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report

Well, this week has been a big improvement for fishing on the VA Beach Fishing pier. We have had some Southerly winds helping to raise the water temperature and some Bluefish and Roundheads are being caught, along with the annual migration that brings a large number of Clear-nosed Skates to the area.

While the weather has been better, we still have a ways to go in order to start catching Pot, Roundhead, Blues and other Spring fish and Blue crabs. Like me they prefer warmer water.

Give us a call at 757-428-2333 for the latest fishing reports.

Here is a blast from the past (last season) to remind us of what we have to look forward to:

005 006-300x225 010-300x225 026-300x225 047 048 vabeachfishingpier1

From Our Archives

“Virginia Beach Fishing Pier – Fishing Report April 22
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 8:22 pm

It was a beautiful day at the Virginia Beach Pier. The Sun made a big difference and everyone’s attitude improved. The fishing report for April 22nd includes Croaker in the morning. The incoming tide helped clear out some sea grasses and as the water rose the anglers were happy to see quite a few Puppy Drum show up and the first Spot and RoundHead also put in an appearance.

A lot of the fish were caught on the popular Bloodworms and Squid, but Finger Mullet caught the most Drum. One fisherman said he caught a few small crabs in his net, but the best crabbing will come when the water gets warmer.

Even though the weather is cooling down a little the rest of the week, we are looking forward to good fishing on the VA Beach Fishing Pier as we head into the last week of April. Ocean Eddies, the Pier Gift Shop and bike rentals are all ready for Spring, so bring the family and enjoy the fun available at the beach.
VA Beach Fishing Pier – Fishing Report April 20th, 2014
Sunday, April 20th, 2014 at 5:53 pm
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Happy Easter! Even though the weather has not quite settled down yet, anglers have had some success at the Virginia Beach fishing pier. Opening day saw some Croakers and small Sharks and Skates, which are a sign that the water is warm enough for the first fish to start looking for food. Later in the week after the rain moved past us, it wasn’t as comfortable for the fishermen and spectators, but more fish were caught.

Thursday the 17th saw the first Puppy Drum this season pulled up by a woman renting a rod from the Pier Tackle Shop. Friday was even better with some people catching their limit of keeper Puppy Drum, plus a couple of small Speckled Trout were released. As the season progresses we look forward to catching some Bluefish and Roundheads to add to the variety.

The Pier Tackle Shop has been enlarged during the winter, so come by and checkout our expanded product line of rods, reels and bucket of croaker accessories.
Virginia Beach Fishing Pier – Opening Day”