Summer, as usual, seems to be flying by and the fishing at the VA Beach Fishing Pier has been pretty good. We have caught the normal bottom fish, Spot,Croaker, Roundhead, plus some of the larger and more exotic species have made a splash with anglers.

Every season there are fishermen and women we don’t see until the Spanish Mackeral begin to arrive off the beach. For a couple of weeks now Spanish have been caught everyday that the water is relatively clear. Silver Squid spoons are a good choice when combined with an egg sinker and long leader. A fast retrieve will usually bring good results because it matches the action of a baitfish trying to get away. Since a fast retrieve causes the lure to rise to the surface, stop or slowdown your retrieve periodically to let the spoon sink back down. Many strikes are gotten when the lure speeds up again.

spanish_mackerelWhile using a Clark Spoon is a tried and true method, by far the most popular lure for Spanish Mackeral, Bluefish and Speckled Trout in recent years has been the Gotcha lure. It comes in a wide variety of color combinations, so check at the Pier Tackle Shop for tips on what has been working lately. Red head with a white or silver body are staples to keep in your tackle arsenal, but I have seen days where all pink or all green get the most action.Gotcha Lures


Look for quite a few Summer Flounder And Spadefish to also come up at the pier. Some keepers will be caught, so check the current size limits before tossing them in you cooler. Some Speckles can be kept as of August 1.

The crazy weather hasn’t really affected the fishing at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier too much, but I personally took a direct hit from the ” Tornado” at my apartment. Everyone is OK, but the damage was extensive. Make sure to watch the weather before venturing out to the many attractions available on the water in the Summer.



Here are a few more pictures I know you will like of recent catches made at the pier. I apologize to the anglers who have been waiting to see their photos here.

Cobia At VA Beach Pier













Cobia At VA Beach Pier

Striped Bass













  Great Striper!

Now that Summer has arrived, the anglers at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier are catching  wide variety of fish species. Along with the Spot, Croaker and Whiting, more exotic fish, like Spadefish and Spanish Mackeral have been showing up. Some Bluefish and Flounder are also being caught just about every day.

Crabbing has also picked up, with some pretty nice Blue Crabs adding to the Summer fare. Some pictures of recent catches are displayed below.

Catching Spot On The VA Beach Pier - Copy












Spot Fishing

VA Beach Pier Puppy Drum - Copy





















Puppy Drum

Visitor Catching Spot From Pier - Copy












First Spot

Puppy Drum - VA Beach Fishing Pier - Copy












Puppy Drum




VA Beach Fishing Pier Report | June 5

The fishing report for the VA Beach Fishing Pier continues to be good in June. The weather has improved and bottom fish, like Spot and Roundhead are showing up every day this month so far. Some small Red Drum (aka Puppy Drum) in the 18 -26 inch slot that are legal to keep have provided some nice battles and we have caught two nice Stripers within a week.

More minnows are located in the water around the pier, so expect some Summer Flounder and Speckled Trout to make an appearance. Flounder have to be 16 inches to keep, but even though the trout size is 14 inches, a moratorium is in effect till August 1. No Speckles till then.

Not as many Bluefish are being caught yet, but they are generally larger fish in the 5-10 pound range. Check out the pictures of fish a couple of our regulars, Yvonne and Brent caught recently The Striped Bass was 37 inches and the Bluefish was about 7 lbs. Way to go you guys!

Be sure to bookmark to check the latest fishing reports.

Nice Striped Bass VA Beach Fishing Pier








                                   Striped Bass

Chopper Bluefish










                                           Chopper Bluefish


May ended on a high note this year. Fishing at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier was pretty good, despite being closed for a few hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Patriotic Festival Air Shows.

Fishing Report

Some nice Roundhead went into anglers coolers and Spot, though still smaller this time of year, provided plenty of fun for the families that fished this weekend.

It was definitely cool for the late Spring, but sometimes the wind and temperature can increase the catch. Look for more bottom fish throughout the Summer, with Bluefish, Puppy Drum and Stripers occasionally putting in an appearance too.

I’ve included two pictures, a Bluefish and a Puppy Drum (Red Drum) that were caught Saturday by some happy anglers.

Nice Bluefish









Puppy Drum - VA Beach Pier








Puppy Drum

It was a nice Memorial Day weekend at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. The fishing report includes many tasty species. Bottom fishermen were kept busy catching a mixture of Spot, Roundhead and Croaker. Occasional small trout have also been showing up and some Blue Crabs are being caught in the crab nets.

Be sure to stop by the Pier Tackle shop for all the best baits and gear and pick up the latest regulation cards to avoid keeping the wrong size or limit of fish. An example would be the moratorium on Speckled Trout is in effect until August 1st. You can’t keep any Specks till then.

The Patriotic Festival will impact the operating hours of the VA Beach Pier on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please call 757-428-2333 for the closing times. It will mainly occur during the Air Show each day.

Check out the pictures below of a nice Striped Bass and Black Drum that were caught on the pier over the weekend.

Nice Black Drum Off The Pier



Black Drum





Striped Bass - VA Beach Fishing Pier



Striped Bass





Roundhead - Whiting




Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Starting Friday May 23, 2014 the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier will stay open 24/7. The Pier Tackle Shop will also be open 24/ 7  for customers. Ocean Eddies restaurant and the gift shops on the pier will keep posted hours. For more information be sure to call us at 757-428-2333.

The fishing season has been pretty good this Spring with Puppy Drum, Bluefish, Spot, Croaker and Roundhead being caught. As the weather warms it will get even better. Bring the family and enjoy fishing, crabbing and the beautiful scenery at VA Beach this Summer!

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier












Pier Fishing

Spring at the VA Beach Fishing Pier means the Bluefish are running and can be caught just about everyday, if the weather is cooperative. The water is warming into the 60s and casting artificial lures, especially Gotcha plugs, will usually catch some medium sized Blues.

Water color can make a big difference when picking the right lure. Some days red and white or red and chrome is the best color. Other days a lure with a yellow body or head seem to catch the most fish. Check in the Pier Tackle Shop for some good suggestions. When lures aren’t working some times baits like finger mullet are the way to go.












Fishing at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier has been good so far in May 2014. There have still been some days that weren’t fishable, but the Puppy Drum bite has been very consistent most days. Spot and Whiting/Roundhead have been taken by anglers using Bloodworms on the bottom. A couple of days, notably May 6th in the afternoon, fishermen casting Gotcha plugs or using cut bait on the bottom have seen some nice Bluefish in the 2 -3 pound range.

All the fishing should continue to get better as the weather settles into a milder pattern, which warms things up and gets the fish migrating along the VA Beach coast. Be sure to stop by the Pier Tackle Shop for all the correct tackle, bait and accessories. They also rent fishing rods for use on the pier if you don’t have your own gear.

Here are some pictures of fish caught by regular VA Beach Fishing Pier anglers Gene (Puppy Drum), Judy (Black Drum) And Joe (Puppy Drum):













Puppy Drum













Black Drum

















Puppy Drum

It was a beautiful day at the Virginia Beach Pier. The Sun made a big difference and everyone’s attitude improved. The fishing report for April 22nd includes Croaker in the morning. The incoming tide helped clear out some sea grasses and as the water rose the anglers were happy to see quite a few Puppy Drum show up and the first Spot and RoundHead also put in an appearance.

A lot of the fish were caught on the popular Bloodworms and Squid, but Finger Mullet caught the most Drum. One fisherman said he caught a few small crabs in his net, but the best crabbing will come when the water gets warmer.

Even though the weather is cooling down a little the rest of the week, we are looking forward to good fishing on the VA Beach Fishing Pier as we head into the last week of April. Ocean Eddies, the Pier Gift Shop and bike rentals are all ready for Spring, so bring the family and enjoy the fun available at the beach.

Happy Easter! Even though the weather has not quite settled down yet, anglers have had some success at the Virginia Beach fishing pier. Opening day saw some Croakers and small Sharks and Skates, which are a sign that the water is warm enough for the first fish to start looking for food. Later in the week after the rain moved past us, it wasn’t as comfortable for the fishermen and spectators, but more fish were caught.

Thursday the 17th saw the first Puppy Drum this season pulled up by a woman renting a rod from the Pier Tackle Shop. Friday was even better with some people catching their limit of keeper Puppy Drum, plus a couple of small Speckled Trout were released. As the season progresses we look forward to catching some Bluefish and Roundheads to add to the variety.

The Pier Tackle Shop has been enlarged during the winter, so come by and checkout our expanded product line of rods, reels and bucket of croaker   accessories.

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