Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Fishing Report June 19th 2017

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Fishing Report June 19th 2017

The fishing report for the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier has June showing a mixture of bottom fish, crabs and some fish taking artificial lures.

Spot and Roundhead have been taking Bloodworms,Squidand Fishbites (both bloodworm & clam flavor) everyday this month, but as always some days are better than others. Most fishermen have heard the “you should have been here yesterday” speech.

Some keeper Puppy Drum and Speckled Trout are always a nice possibility too.


Artificial lures like Gotcha plugs and silver spoons can catch Spanish Mackeral and Bluefish from the pier in the Summer. Targeting early or late in the day seem to be your best bet for these site-feeders, but don’t pass up the middle of the day if that is when you can put in some time casting. Not locking your mind to certain tides and times of day will increase your overall catch over time.

Some small Cobia have been seen and caught, but no keepers yet.


Skates, Rays and Sharks populate the Virginia coast and are often caught from piers throughout the season

The VA Beach Fishing Pier has seen some Spadefish starting to be caught around the pilings, but there will probably be more action as the Summer progresses.

Again, crabbing has been great this season. Blue Crabs can be fun to catch for the whole family, plus if you have somewhere to cook them, they are delicious. Each person crabbing can keep a bushel a day, which is a lot of crabs.

If you don’t have your own fishing gear you can rent rods in the Pier Tackle Shop located on the pier. We don’t rent crabbing nets, but they are available for purchase, along with the proper baits.

As always, be sure to call 757-428-2333 for the latest fishing reports for the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report – June 1, 2017

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report – June 1, 2017

May turned out to be a productive month at the Va. Beach Fishing Pier. Some nice Bluefish, Speckled Trout and Small Stripers were available at different times throughout the month. A mixture of Spot and Roundhead have also been caught when bottom fishing with Bloodworms and Squid. While they are smaller in the Spring, as a rule, some decent fish have showed up.

The last few days some Spanish Mackerel have been caught with artificial baits, like Gotcha plugs and Squid Spoons, and we are looking forward to a good run this Summer.

Spanish Mackerel

The biggest news is probably the large amount of Blue Crabs being taken this year. While not everyone likes to crab, those who do are catching plenty. Lowering a crab net with a chicken neck tied inside is easy and fun for the whole family.

Blue Crab

Since the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is now Open 24/7 come anytime and enjoy the beach experience.

The Pier Tackle Shop is open 24 hrs for your fishing and crabbing needs. Ocean Eddie’s Restaurant and Pier Gift and Shell shops are also open on the pier.

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier 24/7 Summer Hours

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier 24/7 Summer Hours

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier 24/7 Summer Hours of operation begin Friday May 26 2017. The pier will open at 8:00 AM and for the rest of the Summer be open around the clock.

The fishing this Spring has been pretty good, with a variety of species being caught.

Spot fishing
Double Header Spots

Most days recently we have had bottom fish like Spot, Roundhead and Perch. Some very nice Speckled Trout in the 2-4 pound class have been pleasing anglers at varying times and tides. More smaller Specks and Grey Trout have also been caught.

Speckled Trout VA Beach Fishing Pier

Bluefish are no longer showing up in the vast schools that were seen in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but some fish up to about 13 lbs have been caught. Smaller Blues in the 2-4 lb class are more readily available and they tend to be around all Summer long.

Blue Crabs are plentiful this season. If you don’t have any crab nets be sure to stop in the Pier Tackle Shop for all your crabbing needs. They are also open 24 hrs starting May 26th.

blue crab


Hope to see you soon at the VA Beach Fishing Pier.


Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report April 22 2017

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report April 22 2017

This week has been very productive at the pier. Quite a few Bluefish and Stripers have been caught.  You can keep 10 Blues per person, but the Striped Bass are not in season in the ocean, so the have to be returned to the water.

We also have started seeing some nice Speckled Trout, Spring Spot and a couple of keeper Puppy Drum were brought up by anglers at the VA Beach Pier.

Water temps are climbing into the 60s and some Blue Crabs were caught on 4/18/17.

Looking forward to a good season.

VA Beach Fishing Pier Report April 15 2017

VA Beach Fishing Pier Report April 15 2017

We have really seen some nice weather this year in April. The normal water temp is still somewhat chilly (mid 50’s), but The Clear Nosed Skates are definitely waiting for you to feed them some bait.

Blowfish, aka Puffers, are also around this time of year. The numbers vary from year to year, but they are fun for the kids to catch and if large enough make a tasty meal.

Some small Striped Bass have also been hanging around the Virginia Beach Pier and some days quite a few have been caught by jigging near the pilings.

A real treat was caught during the week by Julian, a pier employee and avid fisherman. A 21 inch Speckled Trout! See the picture below.

We never know what might show up in the Spring, so grab your gear and come on down. Hours of operation are still 8AM to 8PM when this post was written, but call 757-428-2333 to check on when extended hours will begin.

Speckled Trout VA Beach Fishing Pier

Catching Spot At The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier | VA Beach Fishing Pier

We’ve been catching some Spot this week at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier this week. The run is starting a little late, but we hpe it will continue for a while.

The only downer is Hurricane Matthew may impact the area. Keep an eye on the weather and call 757-428-2333 for the latest info.

Va Beach Fishing Pier Fall Hours | Va Beach Fishing Pier

The Va Beach Fishing Pier Fall hours are  shortened for the last few weeks of the season. Sunday thru Thursday we are open from 8 AM – 8 PM. Friday and Saturday hours are 8 AM – Midnight. Please call 757-428-2333 for any additional changes.

September was a disappointment in some respects. The wind and record rainfall made many days unfishable.  Although some of the usual fall fish, like Spot, Bluefish, Speckled Trout and Spanish Mackeral, have been caught from the pier, the numbers were definitely down.

The water is still very warm, the upper 70s, for this time of year. As we have cooler nights in October, we are still in a position to have some nice runs of fish. Croaker, Puppy Drum,  and Striper are always a good possibility, with Black Drum, Pompano and Summer Flounder as icing on the cake.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is usually open for a few more weeks if the weather and the fish cooperate, but call ahead for current hours.

VA Beach Pier Striper

IMG_0877 - Copy

056 053 051

Jeff's Puppy Drum Ulysses With A Puppy Drum 016 013

Chopper Bluefish

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report July 29 | VA Beach Fishing Pier

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Report July 29

The month of July Was unusually hot and muggy, at least to me, but the crabs and fish didn’t seem to mind. Crabbing was especially good and daily catches of Bluefish, Spanish Mackeral, Roundhead and Spot were also pleasing anglers.

Spadefish have been hanging around the pier pilings in good numbers and Clams continue to be the number one bait for catching them. They aren’t necessarily as big as the fish caught in deeper waters, but they are still delicious and the 4 fish limit per day gives everyone a chance to enjoy them.

The Bluefish and Spanish are still mostly being caught with Gotcha Plugs, with the Red & White and Red & Silver colors seeming to be the most popular choices.

Some Speckled and Grey Trout,Summer Flounder and Pompano have also made an appearance, which is a regular Summer occurrence.

Depending on the weather, August can be a little slower during the heat of the day and better at night, but other variables, such as water temperature and wind direction can also have an effect. Be sure to call 757-428-2333 for the latest info.

Roundhead - Whiting


VA Beach Fishing Pier Report July 1st | VA Beach Fishing Pier

VA Beach Fishing Pier Report July 1st

This is the VA Beach Fishing Report for July 1st.

June turned out to be a productive month for both fishermen and crabbers. Some nice Roundhead were caught and the Spanish Mackeral made a showing just about everyday. There were some days where the Northeast wind was too strong to really fish effectively.

Bluefish were also picked up by anglers throwing Gotcha plugs for the Spanish.The lures come in a wide variety of colors, so sometimes you might have a greater catch casting one with a Red head and White body, while other times the fish seem to prefer Silver, Yellow and Pink combinations, so be flexible with your choices.

Bottom fishing we use more Bloodworms cut up than the other baits, but Squid, Shrimp, Frozen Minnows and Mullet all catch fish.

Right now and through the Summer we experience a Spadefish bite where the best bait is Clam. Spadefish resemble aquarium Angelfish, with broad vertical black stripes along their sides. They are nice table fare, but be sure to only keep 4 fish a day (any size) in line with the Virginia State Saltwater regulations.

Atlantic Spadefish

Simple basket-style crab nets with chicken bait tied in them is very effective for catching Blue Crabs off the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. You can keep a bushel a day using this method.

All of the above tackle and bait is available in the Pier Tackle Shop located on the pier, so bring the family for some fun.