The water is warming slowly and some of our bottom fish are being caught. Today anglers were catching the first Atlantic Croaker to show up at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. They were eating size and fresh fish is always the best tasting. Blowfish and Skates were also on the list.

061April croaker

While these fish can be caught on a variety of baits, today they were partial to bloodworms cut into pieces. Some days other baits like squid and shrimp work well, but you can expect to need different food on many outings. The Pier Tackle Shop located on the pier carries a variety of bait and the right hooks and sinkers being used on any given day.

Croaker are in the drum family and make a distinct grunting sound. Most of the time they have a silvery white look like many other fish, but when they are ready to spawn they can become yellow-bronze in color. This is where the name golden croaker comes from. When handling them, be careful of the gill covers because they can make shallow cuts in your hands

Croaker are caught all up and down the East coast and into the Gulf of Mexico. They can be fried, baked or broiled with tasty results.

These bottom fish are fun to catch for both kids and adults, so add a trip to the pier to start the fishing season.

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