VA Beach Fishing Pier Report July 1st | VA Beach Fishing Pier

VA Beach Fishing Pier Report July 1st

This is the VA Beach Fishing Report for July 1st.

June turned out to be a productive month for both fishermen and crabbers. Some nice Roundhead were caught and the Spanish Mackeral made a showing just about everyday. There were some days where the Northeast wind was too strong to really fish effectively.

Bluefish were also picked up by anglers throwing Gotcha plugs for the Spanish.The lures come in a wide variety of colors, so sometimes you might have a greater catch casting one with a Red head and White body, while other times the fish seem to prefer Silver, Yellow and Pink combinations, so be flexible with your choices.

Bottom fishing we use more Bloodworms cut up than the other baits, but Squid, Shrimp, Frozen Minnows and Mullet all catch fish.

Right now and through the Summer we experience a Spadefish bite where the best bait is Clam. Spadefish resemble aquarium Angelfish, with broad vertical black stripes along their sides. They are nice table fare, but be sure to only keep 4 fish a day (any size) in line with the Virginia State Saltwater regulations.

Atlantic Spadefish

Simple basket-style crab nets with chicken bait tied in them is very effective for catching Blue Crabs off the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. You can keep a bushel a day using this method.

All of the above tackle and bait is available in the Pier Tackle Shop located on the pier, so bring the family for some fun.

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  1. Hi. I’m bringing two boys, 9 & 11 to Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, July 21. Never been fishing at the ocean, never been to VA Beach. Boys would like to fish, tho. We have one fishing pole (we live in Illinois). What advice can you give for a few hours fishing? What would be simplest? And, if they catch anything, can fish be cleaned? I like the crab basket idea, but have absolutely no idea how to clean or cook crabs. What does the basket and bait cost? We are staying at VA Beach KOA. Where is the best place to park, and is a public beach near the pier? Thank you and I await your reply (We leave July 15)

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