Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Fishing Report June 19th 2017

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Fishing Report June 19th 2017

The fishing report for the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier has June showing a mixture of bottom fish, crabs and some fish taking artificial lures.

Spot and Roundhead haveĀ been taking Bloodworms,SquidandĀ Fishbites (both bloodworm & clam flavor) everyday this month, but as always some days are better than others. Most fishermen have heard the “you should have been here yesterday” speech.

Some keeper Puppy Drum and Speckled Trout are always a nice possibility too.


Artificial lures like Gotcha plugs and silver spoons can catch Spanish Mackeral and Bluefish from the pier in the Summer. Targeting early or late in the day seem to be your best bet for these site-feeders, but don’t pass up the middle of the day if that is when you can put in some time casting. Not locking your mind to certain tides and times of day will increase your overall catch over time.

Some small Cobia have been seen and caught, but no keepers yet.


Skates, Rays and Sharks populate the Virginia coast and are often caught from piers throughout the season

The VA Beach Fishing Pier has seen some Spadefish starting to be caught around the pilings, but there will probably be more action as the Summer progresses.

Again, crabbing has been great this season. Blue Crabs can be fun to catch for the whole family, plus if you have somewhere to cook them, they are delicious. Each person crabbing can keep a bushel a day, which is a lot of crabs.

If you don’t have your own fishing gear you can rent rods in the Pier Tackle Shop located on the pier. We don’t rent crabbing nets, but they are available for purchase, along with the proper baits.

As always, be sure to call 757-428-2333 for the latest fishing reports for the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.

7 thoughts on “Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Fishing Report June 19th 2017”

  1. Headed your way next week,
    Haven’t been down in years.
    Looking forward to fish off this pier again. Will I need a permit for salt water? Thanks see ya soon.

  2. My daughter Helen is in a wheelchair. July 3rd,the lady at the entry was very nice, let us push her in a few feet and watch that she was ok. Nicely told us to tell Helen to send someone to her if Helen needed help.
    Different young men were on duty July 3rd p.m. and July 4th a.m. and were just as helpful, allowing me (3rd p.m.) to go retrieve Helen and her catch and gear (more weight than what she arrived with and couldn’t manage herself) and a friend’s husband on the 4th a.m. to push her out to a fishing spot, as the pier was too crowded for a wheelchair to navigate without help.
    4th of July, 4:00 p.m., the same lady from the 3rd refused to let anyone go to bring her things or get her without paying the admission, when there was thunder and lightning and the pier was crowded beyond belief, with people making a mass exodus. This Was Absolutely Ridiculous!
    After speaking with her boss on the phone she was friendlier again, apologized, said her boss told her it would have been alright. I understand needing to make money, but handicapped people are entitled to reasonable accommodation under the law. Literal Gatekeepers should be trained accordingly.
    My friend also then noticed that the only way a wheelchair can exit, a high, white picket gate, was locked from the inside with a bolt a wheelchair user could not reach. In case of EMERGENCY, what would happen?!?
    My friend is a medical professional, her husband a business owner; I have cared for challenged or differently abled children for years. Let us all 3 tell you, YOU ARE NOT ADA COMPLIANT.
    Your pier is wonderful, old timey, great. It saddens me that some of the negative reviews I read before using it appear to be true. Please, for your sake and ours, change what is in your power to change. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Nerina. The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier management tries to handle situations on an individual basis, but the volume of visitors and fishermen sometimes make this harder. We have always welcomed suggestions for helping make the pier a better experience for patrons.


  3. Haven’t been there for many, many years, but its a good memory and I hope Betty is living a good life – Frank Jr.

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