Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Opening Day April 1, 2017

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Opening Day April 1, 2017

11 thoughts on “Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Opening Day April 1, 2017”

  1. How much is it to fish the pier if u have no equipment n bait? We coming from Ohio n want to fish for a day..

    1. The admission is $10 to fish. If you rent a rod it is $8, plus any bait you need. Around $25 dollars is a good estimate.


  2. We are coming in June to stay at the Baymont Inn. Is that close to your pier and could we walk or would it be better to park there. If so is there a parking fee? Also can you bring your own fishing rods? And do you need a fishing license? We are coming from NC.
    Thank you

    1. The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is at 1415 Atlantic Ave, so you should be only a couple blocks away. There is a parking fee, so I Would walk. You can bring you own gear and the pier has a license that covers patrons.


  3. Is the price of admission per day or each time you enter? We are staying at the hotel directly next to the pier and with my kids, I am just wondering if they are able to come and go as they please within the day for the admission fee.

    Thank you!

    1. Fishing and crabbing admission is $10. The day starts at midnight, so when you pay you can come and go til the next midnight. If you are on the VA Beach Fishing Pier at midnight with the previous days stamp you can continue to fish, but you can no longer exit and re-enter without paying for the new day.

      That doesn’t apply to spectators, who must pay $2 for each entrance.


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