The cold fronts we see this time of year are welcome by the local anglers. They lower the water temperature and get the fish schooling for their trip South. Fishing is picking up at the VA Beach Fishing Pier, especially the bottom fish like Spot, Croaker, and Whiting. This is when fishermen start to think about putting some fish in the freezer and some days they can fill their coolers with some tasty fish.

There are many ways to handle your catch, but please make sure you ice your fish and periodically drain the water from the container you are using. This will keep the fish fresh without them soaking up the water and making them mushy. Whole fish probably don’t get as soft from the water, but adding ice and draining the water is easy. For sure cleaned fish should be in water tight bags in the ice.

Watch the weather for cold fronts and call the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier at 428-2333 for the latest fishing reports.